Installed on Willem's boat, "Starminx "


Background information


         The Norsk Blue Flamme project started in 2009 when Willem became a liveaboard on his classic sailing yacht. How do you keep yourself comfortably warm during winter months when outside temperatures drop below -10 ° C, not depend on the electrical power supply, be safe and best protected against functional failures?


          A world brand heater was chosen, capable to draw combustion air from outside to reduce the risk of CO intoxication.!!

Comfortable temperatures were attained in freezing conditions with a nice cozy yellow warm flame. The consumption, however, was rather impressive. Soot on deck and black halyards were common. Electrical heating would probably have been advantageously seen the high consumption!

Cleaning burner window and flue-ducts were at least a bi-weekly activity.


         In 2012 Willem got knowledge of another reputable brand diesel heater, the Rolls Royce heater, installed on a friend's boat, operating with an impressive blue flame. At first sight!

         A burner was ordered, adopted and installed in the existing heater casing.

Willem, being meticulous and a not easily satisfiable character, started making modifications based on what he saw and experienced.

         The result now is a, as good as total combustion, producing a perfect blue flame resulting in minimum consumptions, no soot on deck and no cleaning of flue ducts and combustion chamber.

The Blue flame is proof of a clean and near-total combustion.


         The target of the Norskblueflamme diesel heater is to provide owners many years of satisfactory use, to be user-friendly and last but not least, safe to operate.

The heater is near to maintenance-free and obtainable for an honest and a right price.


         The goal is to obtain happy owners who can appreciate the characteristics, the design, and quality aspect of  the 

“Norsk Blue Flamme”  diesel heater.

         It is my desire to stay in touch with owners, have their stories and experiences in order to evaluate potential improvements.


Potential owners will/can if they desire so, get advice and guidance with the installation of the Norskblueflamme heater.

Information, questions and or suggestions are valued, appreciated and will be replied to.

Norsk Blue Flamme installations

Installed on a swiss sailing vessel "Pelikan"

Club house of the " SCUTE" in Blankenberge.

First version

Installed on S/Y "Qilak".com of 2018   -  Owen Clarck design  -

QILAK skipper speaking