Owners manual



diesel heater


4 kW





                                           1. Please read this manual carefully before you do anything!

                                           2. The Norsk Blue Flamme heater is only to be operated with a balanced draft system.

                                           3. Never ever light a hot heater !!

                                           4. Verify and certify that the burner is not flooded when lighting.

                                           5. Do not operate the Heater when unattended.

                                           6. The heater is foreseen with 2 safety shut-off valves. For security reasons, mostly your own

                                               security, you must not operate the heater without the safety shut-off valves installed.

                                           7. Every modification to, or installation not conform to the installation / manual instructions or 
                                               approved by myself will be excluded from any guaranty.


General introduction

Dear skipper/customer

This diesel cabin heater should provide you many years of comfortable warmth with a minimum of hassle and maintenance, low fuel consumption while easy and simple to operate.

This cabin heater has been developed and designed by a live aboard sailor with years of experience with a world brand diesel heater.

      The NORSK BLUE FLAMME  heater is made of top quality materials, practical and user-friendly. Included are two safety shut off-valves for maximum safety,  activated by a no- flame condition and /or by excessive (over) heat.

    Installation and owners manual is available on request.



    Lighting procedure video.